Make Money With Your Books

At Rhetorical Ratatouille, every author we publish gets royalties on the sales of eBooks and paperback versions.

Royalties are paid through the service of your liking, be it PaypalMoneybookersPaxum, or Payza. We are even planning to introduce payment via Goldmoney in the near future (in gold or silver metal, for the best performing authors).

So if you don’t have any of these online financial services yet, now is the time to sign up with them, for free. We recommend signing up for all of those as they are the most used, and there is no fee to pay for that. Each have pros and cons depending what you use them for, and in which country you are located.

With Rhetorical Ratatouille, it’s easy to make money: you work once, you earn forever!

So, are you ready to start the adventure of your life, and join the rank of published authors?

Great! Here is how it goes:

Step 1: Click on the button below to proceed; you will be automatically redirected to our submission form, which will allow your to upload your document, along with all the elements that we need (for more info, check our Blog Post: Check-List For Our Authors).

get button published now

Step 2: Once all elements submitted, you will be automatically redirected to our partner Echosign (powered by Adobe) so that you can sign up (for free) and sign your author contract.

Step 3: If all the elements you submitted meet our quality guidelines, we will proceed with the signature of the contract. If not, you will receive detailed indications on what you need to improve so that you can submit your elements again, or a rejection notice.

Step 4: Once the publication process started, we will share with you some simple tips to help you promote your title from your side, and start building your name as a published author.

Reminder: Make sure you have have an account with either PaypalMoneybookersPaxum, or Payza. It’s free and this is where we will send you your royalties.

IMPORTANT: Please do make sure that your text is correct and free of grammatical, punctuation and spelling error. Texts that will not pass our standards will be returned to you for correction. Feel free to use this free software to help you with your corrections.