Your Book For Free

Rhetorical Ratatouille is offering you to put your name and your texts on the electronic bookshelves of the most famous online bookstores for the really low price of $0. Yes, that’s for FREE. Nothing to pay. If you browse around, you will see that vanity publishers will actually charge you between $1,000 to $5,000 for the same service.

We share the risk with you: we only make money if you make money, i.e. if your book is selling. That’s why we are rather selective in our choices.

We do invest time and money in each title we publish: editing, proof-reading, designing the cover, formatting the book, publishing it, distributing your title, advertising it…

That’s also why we ask our authors to take an active part in promoting their title: who can talk best about a book, if not the author himself? We have put together a few simple and easy marketing tips in our blog, that you will find useful.

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