Faint Heart Never Won Fair Gentleman by Minx Charmer

Faint Heart never won fair gentleman
Faint heart

The true love story of a girl’s next door who has a pathetic boyfriend. One day, she bumps into a man who makes her believe again in Prince Charming…

Faint Heart Never Won Fair Gentleman is the story of a Darcy Stone tired of her boyfriend that can’t make up his mind. Either he loves her or he doesn’t, so why can’t he commit? Fed up with his unsteady ways she moves on with her life, certain that true love will never come her way.

Much to her delight, Darcy’s new neighbour Alexander Remington, makes her believe in a ‘happy ending’ again. But shy of past mistakes, getting his attention proved more of a challenge that she had anticipated.

With firm resolve and thanks to help from her best friend, Darcy’s unorthodox plan to catch Alexander’s eye goes into effect. The results of her efforts are sure to bring a smile to your face, and a warm feeling to your heart.

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About Minx Charmer

Minx Charmer, AKA Kisha Bennett, is a native from the Island of Roatan in the Caribbean, North of Honduras. She loves to write and some of her favorite pastimes include writing, traveling and disc overing new things.  Her writing credits include local newspaper articles from the Island, blogs at Helium.com, real estate articles at Condo.com and a teaching article for Transitions abroad on the subject of education in Costa Rica.
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