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kristina bravo

Meet Our Published Author: Kristina Bravo

Kristina Bravo, A.K.A. Georgina Vogue, is a spontaneous, wildly creative and unexpectedly introverted artist. She is the proud mother of one fast-growing little girl named Mi Antoinette.

Formerly a rebel, free spirit, fearless and shameless teenager, Georgina managed to record her most outrageous deeds and escapades that sent her mother running off to the principal’s office or stay up till she gets home no matter how late.

Obsessed with fashion, she chose the pseudonym Georgina, after the model Georgina Wilson and Vogue for the internationally celebrated fashion magazine. She has written fashion articles as well as celebrity gossip online. She is in love with having fabulous conversations over cake and latte, and likes to hang out in coffee shops with her best friend. No, she does not smoke in front of her daughter, at her side, and not even from behind.

Despite all those nasty rumors that cloud up like a room filled with cigarette smoke, Georgina Vogue pursued her dream to be a published writer. At Rhetorical Ratatouille, she is given a chance to get her ideas to materialize in the form of a book which consists of entries that would probably shock her family, just by seeing the title alone. Nevertheless, it’s not a reason to back out. “What I have written, I have written,” as Pontius Pilate states.

What fascinated her at all times, besides her own scandalous life, were the outrageous things happening in the lives of her college friends. Inspired with glamour, scandal, secrets, tragedies, and adventure, she began to write diary entries in the form of letters to her equally happy-go-lucky and liberated friends. She does not justify her mistakes in the past. Her purpose for the coming out of these provocative, yet experience-filled stories is not to push young people or older ones to succumb to revelry and be immersed in the mere beauties that the world has to offer. Instead, she shares her learning from one mistake to another, because she always had to learn the hard way. And because of those events in her life, she realized the beauty of living: to wake up each day and be thankful for the daughter who motivates her to do great things.

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