Whispers Of A Warrior, by Emry Kale Owens

Whispers of a warrior
Whispers of a warrior

The touching story of a girl who makes her way through a harsh life thanks to her connection with horses.

There are never enough words to describe the trials that are endured as we travel through this life. As we sit within a moment of reflection, at times, our past stares back at us through eyes of regret. All too often we fail to realize that our strength is not destroyed by the wicked ways of the world, but rather, it is intensified, amplified, justified.

One girl saw the world through the innocent eyes of a child until one day that innocence was savagely ripped from her hands. Refusing to succumb to the illusion that ‘we are reflections of our past’, she sought to discover a world unlike any she had ever known. Through the eyes of the horse, she became reborn into a life of purpose, and discovered that within her tiny hands, she held the spirit of a warrior.

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About Emry Kale Owens

Emry Kale Owens spent her life within a small rural community among the rugged hills of Wyoming. Her work has been cited as being 'truly inspiring', 'breathtakingly beautiful' and 'raw'. Emry has numerous publications, including a syndicated biography, that has been seen around the world. The sheer raw humanistic side of her work leaves an impact on the reader that is undefinable. Emry was quoted as saying: "I do not seek to change the world… I wish to inspire it, for through inspiration comes the rebirth of faith."
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